Early Work

Beyond Feminism and Connections to the Land:       Sarah McCutcheon Greiche, MBA, is a Montreal writer, curator, and consultant, Public Art and Sculpture.

“Kathryn’s love and commitment to the land comes from deep roots, both physically and ideologically. She grew up on the Prairies, close to the land that would mark her imagery and be a recurring theme in all of her work. Kathyrn became enthralled with British author / historian Simon Schama’s heavy and densely written Landscape and Memory, picked up while visiting Helsinki en route to install a sculpture in the early 1990s. It would become a subconscious and powerful reference underlying so many of the themes in her artistic production. Schama’s concept of the double-edged Arcadia informs her work in the exhibition, In Search of the Garden of Eden, which explores the contrasting qualities of dark and light.”

from exhibition “Silentium”, Rovaniemi Art Museum,Rovaniemi, Finland, 1996 – slide projection of sacred places in the Scandinavian Arctic with suspended vessel made of saplings bound together with gut.  (private collection)

“Kathryn has always worked primarily in natural materials to evoke and comment on man’s relationship to the earth. The places where she has lived and travelled,especially the Prairies and the Scandinavian Arctic with their broad expanses and spaces, are so much a part of who she is as an artist. Throughout Kathryn’s work there is dialectic of the constructed and the found: more recently, images, light,superimposed text, handmade objects or structures. Kathryn also acknowledges that, having come of age as an artist during the time of minimalism, she has always maintained an aspect of that in her work.”

"Silence" with shadow - In the Collection of the North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks, North Dakota

“Silence” with shadow – In the Collection of the North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks, North Dakota

“Kathryn and I collaborated again in 2006 when I invited her to be part of an exhibition I was curating called Beyond Feminism: Women Artists Working in Female Iconography for Parisian Laundry in Montreal, Quebec. Kathryn’s work over the decades has developed into a rich palette of multi-media expression in which she incorporates many elements into sculptural forms and installations. Included in the Beyond Feminism exhibition was one of her first experimental video works with stills called Water, Memory and Myth, 2006. Photographic images have been a part of Kathryn’s work since she was a graduate student. Although she had also done documentary video, this was a new departure that would become an important element in her subsequent work, as is explored in the themes of In Search of the Garden of Eden.”

Kathryn Lipke, “Water: memory and myth”, 2006, Video framed with wood and aluminum, 22” x 14” x4.5”