My research has always focused on our environment, its inhabitants as well as the textiles we make and use.  Sometimes overlapping, in the making or in research other times as separate entities.

Molas in Transition: Art of the Kuna Women, 2010,   37 min., This project focused on the mola or blouse front and back pieces that the women make and how they make serve as a window into broader issues of the history of the Kuna of Panama, their culture and traditions.  Including two short videos:   Kuna Yala Place of the People,  9:30 min and Molas: Art of the Kuna Women. 12:40min. Both included in an exhibition of Kuna molas

to play video click on       Mola Art of the Kuna Women

Lipke’s  previous documentaries include: Between Light and Shadow: Maya Women in Transition, Producer and co-director (1997); and Daughters of Ixchel, Maya Thread of Change – Co-producer and director, (1993); both garnered a number of awards at festivals.   available through


North Dakota prairie sky

North Dakota prairie sky

Shadows on the Land, 2005, commissioned by the North Dakota Museum of Art, 27 min.

The prairies have always been a place where the unrelenting pressures of climate have made life a constant struggle between man and nature for control of the land. The interventions of the 30’s and ensuing exploitation of the land have resulted in a rethinking of man’s relationship to the soil.  The video joyously celebrates the beauty of the prairie landscape and explores possibilities of restoring the balance and harmony of this ecosystem.  Produced and directed by Kathryn Lipke Vigesaa; Director of photography, Ernst Michel; additional camera, Kerry Shelton; Music, Chuck Suchy and Paul Taylor